Tips to fix the FIFA 15 market


“I think we are all in consensus here that the market is completely screwed. Player prices are skyrocketing well beyond what they were before TOTY even. Prices have gone up 100-200%. There’s no end in sight. Obviously EA’s actions haven’t done squat to the market. People have just found ways around the bans, or are just completely ignoring them. Here’s a few ways I think we can fix the market aside from the stop coin sellers, ban FIFA 15 coins buyers.

1. Fix the freakin packs. The bread affairs is artlessly bushing the charge for players to get the best players. So abounding similarities to any biologic market. Accomplish it illegal!? Say accost to the atramentous market. Appropriate now, it’s about absurd to get the best players through packs. I’ve spent 1 mil on packs and I’ve gotten Hazard, and Neymar. That’s about it. Accomplish it added acceptable to get a acceptable player, and abate backpack prices. Undercut the bread sellers. EA can do this. Will it cut into their profits? NO. Humans will just accessible added packs, assurance me. Anticipate if a backpack costs $2 instead of $10, And it’s added acceptable to get a acceptable player? Cha-ching.

2. Fix the coin glitchers. Bots now can glitch matches and simulate thousands of games and rake in those coins. I think this is obviously the worst culprit of this inflation.

3. In conjuction, remove the team names from the web app. Coin sellers use this to make sure that they are giving the right player his coins. Removing this would make it much much more difficult to find the right card. I still think people would find a way though by listing for obscure amounts, but it would be much tougher and hurts no one.

4. Bring back bidding tokens. I have no idea how this works, because I never played the older FIFA’s, but yeah, I heard this could help with autobuyers.

5. Fix the freakin packs!

6. The most drastic fix, but would probably make the most drastic impact would be to just take down the web app both PC and Mobile. This would kill all the autobuyers. There’s billions of coins right there. I know this would hurt players a lot, because many of us use the web app at work and such. But honestly, things are so bad, this is really the only way to fix things. We will survive. Come on, if we are still playing this insanely frustrating game, we are just fooling ourselves if we think we will stop playing. We are FIFA.”

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