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TOTY and Buy FIFA Coins Guide


In FIFA, to buy FIFA 15 coins makes our account take risks and got warnings. It will be sent to your email. The FUT notification say basically the same thing, “Your account has been flagged for coin buying, an email will be sent shortly”. However, a lot of players buy coins. Here are the players real experience.

1. Realized afterwards spending a lot of abounding on FIFA credibility that its all bullshit, decay of abounding that affairs bill if the alone way of accepting something out of the money i absorb on the game.Ea charge to lower the FIFA credibility amount of a backpack i think.

2. Affair is, I apperceive a few humans that accept bought coins, and they don’t do it for the players, they do it to accessible packs and adore the semi-gambling thrill, I do accept why ea don’t like bread sellers, but they charge to realise, they accept implemented an economical agency into the bold via trading, affairs packs and arena games. So by itself as continued as a cheaper another to accepting and in bold bill exists, ea will abide to be lowballed by bread sellers, who are profiting from the overpricing of packs.

3. Done it alert to be honest. 200k and 400k and haven’t had a warning. I will apparently do it afresh because I adore it added if I accept bill and haven’t got the time to in fact acquire the coins. Affairs FIFA credibility are ridiculously over amount in my assessment and isn’t account the annoyance of packs.

4. I accept bought FIFA 15 bill and aswell on FIFA 14 coins, assorted times. I wasnt acquainted of there in fact accepting any bans by EA on FIFA 14 so i would calmly buy up bill 200k-300k a time already or alert a week.

I was all for EA and their statements on how they were traveling to accouterment bread sellers. But as time wore on and seeing how humans were traveling unpunished whilst myself affairs abundant packs with FP and accepting annihilation in return, i changed aback to purchasing bill again. I apperceive there are risks involved. But i’ve arise to the cessation that EA absolutely don’t accord a monkeys about the bread sellers or humans who buy them and alone ban a scattering too accomplish it arise they are accomplishing something. I anticipate if they banned anybody who bought coins, again they wouldn’t accept abounding humans larboard arena the game.

It’s a abandoned circle. I acclimated to accept aught account for humans who bought coins. But again anticipation able-bodied EA don’t affliction because if they actively did again they would accept put assets into the bots and bread glitches which acutely accumulate agriculture up anniversary year. In an ideal apple im never traveling to be able to get a aggregation of players i wish to own and use like Ibra, Suarez, Bale etc because their amount is so top which is accepting pushed up by humans who are able to acquirement bill at a low price.

5. A lot. They are clay bargain compared to credibility and I don’t absolutely accept so abundant chargeless time to aces sitting in foreground of Web App for hours instead of spending some banknote and accept the players I wish instantly. And I belive every reasonable being would do so, you can get 1m for 40$ or something like that. You can go to plan for max 2 days, get what you wish and aswell apprentice some applied accomplishment or WASTE canicule ecology amateur prices and pretend to be economical mastermind. The best is accessible in my opinion. Bought about 1.3m absolute so far (and about 1.5m in fut14) and no assurance of ea activity.

6. I bought like 200 euros on FIFA points,too abundant money for the players i got ,so i bought 800 k bill in pc for 15 euros,no admonishing ,that barter the bill barter dont appearance in my barter profits ,ill buy 1 actor added for TOTY ,FIFA POINTS are absolutely big-ticket and u get shit.

7. Bought 800k in two 400k increments. Mostly so that I can accessible packs. Figured if I get a admonishing I’ll stop, haven’t accustomed any warnings from EA. Was able to cull a Suarez, Bale and IF Griezman, so I’m appealing happy.

8. I used like $30 I had from selling pucks on HUT to buy some coins to get me started. Got around 130k I think at the time.

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