EA FIFA development issues

I am an avid FIFA 15 coins player, playing every FIFA since FIFA 2002. That’s right, I had FIFA 2002 on the PlayStation 2! Anyways, over the years, I have chosen to stick to mostly Career mode, and every year since FIFA 13, I have been reminded why. In FIFA 13, I chose to begin playing online. And well, here we are. I will begin this argument, with a breakdown of just about everything imaginable that could and was SAID to be fixed by Electronic Arts, and still has not been fixed:

1) Goalkeepers- “Goalkeepers accept been absolutely rewritten for FIFA 15 with over 50 new save animations, bigger AI and a new, astute amateur model.” Sound familiar? This lie was originally told by EA, and still is acquaint on the FIFA “News” Section.

2) Pace Abuse- Oh well, shucks, where do I begin? I love a good old fashion possession build up, and finish it off with a nice goal from the number 9, but FIFA 15 has taught me better, FIFA 15 has taught me that this is not possible. So, instead I look towards Real Madrid, despite being an avid Chelsea fan.

3) Finishing- This one is short and simple, James Rodriguez, golden boot winner of the 2014 World Cup.

4) Updates- Lol. No seriously, I can’t even have a topic on something that doesn’t exist.

5) Money Obsessed Tyrants- When Ultimate Team was first introduced I liked the idea of building a team online, and playing against others, kind of like an online career mode.All the while, players that enjoy playing any other game type are left to the mercy of glitches. And by glitches I mean consistent problems blocking players from even playing. Example, play a Co-op seasons game, mid way through pause the game, open your team management screen.

6) EA Ducks Sick- That’s right, I said it. This has been my Pro Clubs aggregation name for ages, and every year, as if its the age old attitude of putting Santa on top of the tree, it brings a breach to my eye to blazon in “EA Ducks Sick” into the aggregation name allocation of Pro Clubs.

In conclusion, Electronic Arts have really set themselves apart from the competition. By ignoring consumers, and focusing souly on profits, and propaganda type lies to scam millions out of $59.99, for the same old game, they have truly become my inspiration. You see, if it wasn’t for Electronic Arts, and more importantly FIFA 15, I would have not spent the last bit of my time on these forums typing this information.

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