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Please acquaint me who you’ve apparent with the adeptness to do bisected the tricks you’ve put on the game? Ronaldinho is the best amateur in the apple in his time if it came to brawl bamboozlement and abilities and even he didn’t do bisected the abracadabra tricks youallow us to do the game, amuse yield it out, abridge the bold to basal abilities ,the odd footfall over, the cast flap, aswell yield out the actuality that whenever a amateur does a accomplishment the apostle will be acrimonious 9 times out of 10 or accord a penalty, you’ve focused so abundant activity on the advancing players and forgot about the arresting ancillary of it.


Messi is the best player in the world but yet he can do rainbow kicks, bicycle kicks from 40 yards and things that he never does on the pitch, Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world who does maybe one trick here and there but again not half of the ability you’ve given the 5 star players…


Messi, Robben and maybe Hazard are the only players in the world who prove that they can dribble past players and beat score, it’s ridiculous that other players are worse clubs can do the same, it’s all too easy! the defenders awareness and ability is terrible and if i get the ball with any player and i mean any player and i run diagonally from one part of the pitch to the other, it’s physically impossible for the defender and i mean the best defender on the game to stop me and take the ball from me. Take out the diagonal run thing, Ronaldo will run diagonally from centre to the corner flag and cross it to Benzema and score within seconds of kick off and it’s extremely frustrating.

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