Coins glitch and FIFA 15 Ultimate team


Like everyone though, I think EA picked a stupid time to implement this feature midway through the game as they have completely destroyed FIFA 15′s market. I can only assume they wanted to give it time to make the feature as good as possible in time for FIFA 16.

Talk about a coin glitch which is responsible for all the FIFA Coins in the market which have supplied coin sellers with all the coins they are selling. I don’t know a lot about this but if it does exist it needs to be patched as its claimed that this is the route of the problem.

However, aback to the affirmation from EA that this new affection is to accomplish a “Level Arena Field” for everyone. I beggarly appear on, who are they aggravating to kid? The capital acumen for them accomplishing this is that added companies were authoritative a affluence and they capital a allotment of the pie. Now with bread sellers out of the account they will be accepting added of the money afresh as humans who wish to fast clue their way to a acceptable ultimate aggregation will buy FIFA POINTS.

If they really want to make a level playing field for everyone then FIFA POINTS have to go as well. Make it so no real money can be implemented into the game other than the actual purchase of the game. But that’s never going to happen.

Lets not kid around. This update has the sole purpose of further lining the pockets of the greedy capitalist pigs who run EA Sports.


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