some of these FIFA Player prices may dip

Same way the market was flooded with cards last week and prices were super low, most people are happy with what they have for now, few packs are being opened, and not many cards are up. No way these fifa players just continue to rise, they’re going to peak, right? I know coin sellers and all that, but based on the market without them, this should be somewhat expected, right?
People will anon activate aperture packs afresh and accepting apathetic of their teams. Coinsellers will change their prices. This will could cause a slight dip in price. Then, until TOTY probably, prices will abide to rise. SLOWLY. No way they accumulate traveling at the amount they are now because afore too continued at this rate, anyone like Bale would ability 15 mil (Up 200k compared to pre-TOTY amount in a amount of THREE days). There is no appeal for Bale at 15 mil so it is casuistic that he would ability that price.


This rise should be happening anyway, but it is magnified by coin sellers, and the panic is magnified by our fear of inflation. Those who are smart would have very few coins right now and just a lot of cards. the market, as i have observed aside from some cards, moves as a unit. Little is gained or lost by holding on to cards. If you buy a card for 150k and he goes down to 100k, it is likely that a different card which was 150k fifa 15 coins at the time of purchase is also down around 100k when you sell your card.


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