FIFA 15 : Analysis Importance to Club of player

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These are two of the best FIFA 15 coins players, but also the General fans the dream in the heart, so first I will examine their status in the Club.

Cristiano Ronaldo:
Club: Real Madrid

Highest goal scorer and key outlet, Ronaldo is Real Madrid’s driving force for most of the season and really carried them to the title at the end of last season.
That being said however, Madrid do have a myriad of other options in Callejon, Di Maria, Ozil, Benzema, Higuain and although he is their best option and Madrid would be a hell of a lot less efficient without him, they could still win and succeed if he was somewhere else.

Lionel Messi:
Club: Barcelona

No Messi = Barcelona are about has half as good as they are. Spain are often labelled dull and that’s because Barcelona’s Tika-Taka includes Messi who is the creative and goal scoring force of Barca, he pushes them forward and scores a shocking proportion of their goals.
He makes the other players look better and is the best option Barcelona have and if he was to be injured for a season you would dread to think what Barcelona would be able to compete for.