FIFA paid players and regular everyday


Shouldn’t 1 on 1 Fifa games be bigger as an esport? There are so many ways to tinker with tactics and formations and the way you can play these days that it is such a game of chess in terms of outthinking your opponent. I know they have the fifa 15 coins interactive World Cup, but doesn’t anyone believe there should be a full circuit for people who are just really good at fifa?

How would they accession the funds to pay the players I apprehend you ask? Well, what I anticipate they should do business astute is use the archetypal of PDC darts, bill the players as “indoor athletes” because anyone who plays fifa knows that it takes a lot of time, effort, adherence and intelligence to be at a acceptable level. So they could accept the access capacity for both players and accomplish it like a boozy night out for spectators, which would accomplish watching ambrosial to a far beyond amount of people.

How could they keep making it exciting? Well they could always create different concepts for tournaments, in the way that PDC darts does. They could have leagues, knockouts and seeding procedures, so that maybe the underdog gets to use the best team, or something like that.

Another idea is that they could do like an NFL draft type thing, where everyone in the tournament gets to pick one player at a time eventually comprising a squad, which then would be their squad for the rest of the competition.

I believe fifa should be bigger as an esport and I know a lot of you do as well.

If I get enough support with this message, I will write a letter to ea sports requesting that this should be done. Anything I should have mentioned please let me know. Also; feel free to add your own ideas to what I have said, I welcome alternate opinions.




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