Mehdi Benatia and good pace in FIFA 15

Thought it would be time for a bit of a change instead of using the usual ST or attacking type of player of  FIFA 15 coins  for this week’s Spotlight.

It was an astute signing by Pep Guardiola’s Bayern team.

Pro’s and Cons

The reason i was so eager to try IF Benatia, for those who may have had his TOTS card last season and due to how awesome that was, know what i’m talking about!

He’s the no nonsense type of CB you love to have in a team, add to that the benefits of having his other two OP counterparts Neuer & Boateng, you really do have one heck of a strong back line.

I’ve conceded twice in 7 games since adding his in-form to my hybrid squad, and I’d say I usually concede about a goal a game or so. He’s made a noticeable difference to my team, and even though I only used his standard 84 card at the beginning of this fifa, I would say it’s more than worth the upgrade if you have the coins to toss at him, otherwise feel free to use the quick buy tool at bottom of this page to have sufficient FIFA 15 coins to buy him.

He has good pace to cope well against sweat squads on the usual counter you’d be facing, his interactions and defensive positioning are excellent and defending set pieces seems to be a breeze so long as the ball is dropping to the area he is positioned in, he wins the vast majority of the aerial battles he gets into. He felt just as good in the air as Boateng, who is two inches taller than he is. i actually can’t wait for his TOTS card and if you are considering to build a hybrid involving Bundesliga players, this man is a must for one of the CB positions. My only downside i would note, and yes it may be a bit hypocritical on my side but i try to give as honest a review as i can, is the persistent amount of times i came to hitting my opponents cross bar or it just sailing over the bar from corners. Struggled over the 15+ games i had with him to score as much as i would have expected to, based on his excellent heading & physical stats. That being said, he’s a CB and one that i will highly recommend to anyone, a complete tank!

Player Score: 9/10
Below is the team i used IF Benatia in;​

Have you used IF Benatia yet? if so then please feel free to tell us how well he played for you in the comments box!

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That concludes our ‘TOTW Spotlight’ for this week, i would like to take this chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays, stay safe and good luck in this week’s pack openings.

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