FIFA 15 guide for potential player

I thought I’d create a thread where people can post different FIFA 15 coins  players who commonly greatly exceed their potential because they can be great signings.

These players are ones i’ve found to overtake their potential significantly more than they’re supposed to. Obviously some players go over their predicted potential by one or two overalls, but these are on a larger scale -

- Tika Musonda (Chelsea, CDM, 20 years old) Starts at a 54 with the abeyant of 68, I appear him in the aboriginal division as he looked rubbish, now I’m in the 4th division and he’s an 87 and starts in CDM for Barcelona.

- Tom Huddlestone (Hull City, CM, 28 years old) He starts as a 75 all-embracing with a abeyant of 78, I apparent him if I took over the administrator role for the english civic team, it took him 2 seasons to go from 75 to 85, although his backbone and concrete stats are poor, admitting his astounding brawl ascendancy and passing/shooting stats.

- Fernando Tissone (Malaga, CDM, 28 years old) He starts as a 74 and isn’t projected to grow. I discovered him while playing an international game for England against his side Argentina. He played extremely well in the middle of the park so I decided to scout him. He was an 85 during the second season and is now an 87, four seasons in.

-Samir Han

danovic (Inter, GK, 30 years old) He starts as an 83 and allegedly shouldn’t grow. This guy is a bit added big-ticket to assurance than the added listed players, as he already starts at a acceptable rating, although he grows amazingly to ability an 88 or even 89 in some cases.

- Omar Rowe (Southampton, RW, 18 years old) This player is strange, he is a recently updated player which means he cannot be found on websites such as Futhead. He is a player I bought fifa 15 coins before I had the PS4 edition of FIFA 15 so when I went to sign him in my first career of the new console, he was extremely low overall. I got Omar Rowe in the second season and he was a 74 and proceeded to grow to an 85 overall. When I scouted him he came up as a 59 overall. He is a strange player, as i’ve done numerous career’s with him and he has not grown very much, as opposed to the other player listed, who have seemed to grow over their potential in every career that i’ve done. Anyway, this player is extremely fast, good dribbling and seems to shoot well.

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