The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app is so popular


The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app is so accepted by FIFA player and FIFA coins buyer that has apparent added than 10 actor downloads on the Google Play Store and about the aforementioned bulk on the iTunes App Store as well. The app has alone been accessible for a few months as well, so its success is awfully impressive. Unfortunately though, the latest amend to the bold seems to accept fabricated the acquaintance of application it a lot worse.

The issues assume to accept started beforehand this ages if EA appear a new amend to the bold on both the iOS and Android platforms. Since then, users on both platforms haven’t been able to adore a bland gameplay acquaintance like before, and instead accept been adverse assorted analytical issues such as not getting able to affix to the bold server, accepted poor server acknowledgment times, Facebook login issues, and some are even advertisement that the absolute gameplay has worsened somehow and doesn’t feel as agreeable as it already was.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Server Issues FIFA 15 Ultimate Team server problem1 300x168On both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, contempo reviews on the bold assume to be from balked users who adapted the bold and are no best able to adore it like they acclimated to. Here’s one of the added contempo reviews on the Google Play Store (our affliction for the spelling and grammatical errors): “Bugs, hangs while arena , affliction controlls alive automatically Too abounding bugs , tryin to play it but its like too apathetic , my net acceleration is fast still affiliation absent its servers nd all dis being accident afterwards every game”. Yet addition user has this to say: “Poor server makes us delay for a continued time I accept a fast and abiding WIFI affiliation yet i charge to delay 3-4 account to affix the server. The server is absolutely dissapointed for amateur who just wish to play a match. Fix the server or accomplish it offline better. The server is not abiding and accept a lot problems with it”.

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