Slider Set For Career Mode in FIFA 15


Gameplay Sliders

As a lot of of you apperceive by now, FIFA 15 is an bulky barbarian that is asymmetric in a lot of areas and absolute awry in others. Despite that though, an absorbing bold of footy can still be had, abnormally in career approach area the new appropriate elements, the BPL integration, and the all-embracing brightness of the bold absolutely shines brightest.

In an attack to get as abundant as accessible out of FIFA 15 coins, and to accomplish it added of a sim appellation than what is offered out of the box, a accumulation of us led by FSB contributors Matt10, and Orion523 forth with several associates of the Operation Sports FIFA appointment including Reaper31, FluffyTonka, OneDrop, wordtobigbird and several others formed calm endlessly to appear up with a set of gameplay sliders that we feel not alone enhances the game’s strengths and minimizes its weaknesses, but aswell plays THE a lot of astute bold of football that can be had on either PC or console.

To those of you new to the slider game, let me accomplish one affair altogether clear, sliders are NOT a cheat. They are artlessly gameplay options which acquiesce the user to clothier the AI to play a added astute bold of football, one that is added animal like and added affiliated to a simulation rather than an arcade game. They do not accomplish the bold easier, as a amount of actuality I feel they’ll action up a appealing annealed claiming to most.

FSB’s FIFA 15 Career Approach Slider Set

Game: FIFA 15

Controls: Full Manual

Difficulty: World Class

Half Length: 15 Minutes

Game Speed: Slow

Game Sliders


Sprint: 50/50

Acceleration: 50/51

Shot Error: 52/50

Pass Error: 53/60

Shot Speed: 49/49

Pass Speed: 35/30

Injury Frequency: 63/63

Injury Severity: 30/30

GK Ability: 46/46

Marking 60/60

Run Frequency: 50/30

Line Height: 63/63

Line Length: 36/33

Line Width: 50/50

Fullbacks: 100/100

Power Bar(User Only) 60

First Touch Control: 65/65

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