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Mehdi Benatia and good pace in FIFA 15

Thought it would be time for a bit of a change instead of using the usual ST or attacking type of player of  FIFA 15 coins  for this week’s Spotlight.

It was an astute signing by Pep Guardiola’s Bayern team.

Pro’s and Cons

The reason i was so eager to try IF Benatia, for those who may have had his TOTS card last season and due to how awesome that was, know what i’m talking about!

He’s the no nonsense type of CB you love to have in a team, add to that the benefits of having his other two OP counterparts Neuer & Boateng, you really do have one heck of a strong back line.

I’ve conceded twice in 7 games since adding his in-form to my hybrid squad, and I’d say I usually concede about a goal a game or so. He’s made a noticeable difference to my team, and even though I only used his standard 84 card at the beginning of this fifa, I would say it’s more than worth the upgrade if you have the coins to toss at him, otherwise feel free to use the quick buy tool at bottom of this page to have sufficient FIFA 15 coins to buy him.

He has good pace to cope well against sweat squads on the usual counter you’d be facing, his interactions and defensive positioning are excellent and defending set pieces seems to be a breeze so long as the ball is dropping to the area he is positioned in, he wins the vast majority of the aerial battles he gets into. He felt just as good in the air as Boateng, who is two inches taller than he is. i actually can’t wait for his TOTS card and if you are considering to build a hybrid involving Bundesliga players, this man is a must for one of the CB positions. My only downside i would note, and yes it may be a bit hypocritical on my side but i try to give as honest a review as i can, is the persistent amount of times i came to hitting my opponents cross bar or it just sailing over the bar from corners. Struggled over the 15+ games i had with him to score as much as i would have expected to, based on his excellent heading & physical stats. That being said, he’s a CB and one that i will highly recommend to anyone, a complete tank!

Player Score: 9/10
Below is the team i used IF Benatia in;​

Have you used IF Benatia yet? if so then please feel free to tell us how well he played for you in the comments box!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘TOTW Spotlight’ and if you require Instant FIFA Coins to purchase him, simply use the quick buy tool below, which will deliver your coins Instantly. Use ‘TOTW14′ for a 5% discount.

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That concludes our ‘TOTW Spotlight’ for this week, i would like to take this chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays, stay safe and good luck in this week’s pack openings.

FIFA 15 guide for potential player

I thought I’d create a thread where people can post different FIFA 15 coins  players who commonly greatly exceed their potential because they can be great signings.

These players are ones i’ve found to overtake their potential significantly more than they’re supposed to. Obviously some players go over their predicted potential by one or two overalls, but these are on a larger scale -

- Tika Musonda (Chelsea, CDM, 20 years old) Starts at a 54 with the abeyant of 68, I appear him in the aboriginal division as he looked rubbish, now I’m in the 4th division and he’s an 87 and starts in CDM for Barcelona.

- Tom Huddlestone (Hull City, CM, 28 years old) He starts as a 75 all-embracing with a abeyant of 78, I apparent him if I took over the administrator role for the english civic team, it took him 2 seasons to go from 75 to 85, although his backbone and concrete stats are poor, admitting his astounding brawl ascendancy and passing/shooting stats.

- Fernando Tissone (Malaga, CDM, 28 years old) He starts as a 74 and isn’t projected to grow. I discovered him while playing an international game for England against his side Argentina. He played extremely well in the middle of the park so I decided to scout him. He was an 85 during the second season and is now an 87, four seasons in.

-Samir Han

danovic (Inter, GK, 30 years old) He starts as an 83 and allegedly shouldn’t grow. This guy is a bit added big-ticket to assurance than the added listed players, as he already starts at a acceptable rating, although he grows amazingly to ability an 88 or even 89 in some cases.

- Omar Rowe (Southampton, RW, 18 years old) This player is strange, he is a recently updated player which means he cannot be found on websites such as Futhead. He is a player I bought fifa 15 coins before I had the PS4 edition of FIFA 15 so when I went to sign him in my first career of the new console, he was extremely low overall. I got Omar Rowe in the second season and he was a 74 and proceeded to grow to an 85 overall. When I scouted him he came up as a 59 overall. He is a strange player, as i’ve done numerous career’s with him and he has not grown very much, as opposed to the other player listed, who have seemed to grow over their potential in every career that i’ve done. Anyway, this player is extremely fast, good dribbling and seems to shoot well.

Talent formation benefit form FIFA 15 Trade

FIFA 15 coins

Why the formations define selling and buying choices? Obviously, providing and purchasing avid gamers in FIFA is straightly relative using the workforce preferences. Gamers would require the some goods, fifa 15 coins online, positions and much way more. It is what drives the methodology and means guiding acquiring and providing platform of FIFA 15.

As soon as we go a great deal deeper, we look at great of formations possess a substantial outcome about the rates of participant playing cards as well.

So needing to attract focus round the formations on participant playing cards though on the market around the marketplace is critical. In case your participant displays up significantly less high priced than that which you should certainly feel is standard, furthermore there is a much larger likelihood that his card development is not really a popular a single.

To begin with, players with four defenders are ten situations popular. This means the formations with 3 or 5 defenders could ordinarily be shown less high priced.

I might most certainly recommend carrying out just a little of investigate on formations in addition to their recognition, availability and normal values just prior to working on any considerable offering and buying.

One time you don’t currently accept a first-rate compassionate of the abundant formations as how they acquaint with accumulation advance and absolute aggregation solutions, you’ll wish to about accede a attending central the assorted formations.

Following a accessory belief and basal research, you are traveling to apace accept how all of this impacts a ample bulk of the selecting, affairs and in accepted accepting and affairs that is traveling on about buy fifa 15 bill online. The added apprenticeship you’ve got, the beyond ill-fitted you will be to advance astute options creating all trades way added economical. For added bargain fifa 15 coins, you’ll get FIFA bill on line. You’re traveling for accepting abrupt FIFA ultimate aggregation bill anytime you backpack out the payment. Endeavor to acquirement FIFA bill and access several FIFA ultimate aggregation coins!

Newest FIFA TOTW 15 Players Prediction


TOTW 15 results will be released tomorrow,here we share our prediction to the TOTW 15 and the best TOTW players.

Pantilimon: In the match of Newcastle, Pantilimon’s performance is beyond doubt. He has succeeded in 7 excellent saves. Especially during the 71 minutes to the 72 minutes, he made the successive saves. Personally speaking, he will be the IF in this week.

Pique: Xavi crosses the ball with the free kicks on the left line. Pique has rushed into the network before the penalty area. Finally, Pique wins the match with 5:0.

Yoshida: When the match goes to 85 minutes, he scores a goal under the assists of S-Dabis.

Gilk: When his team falls behinds one ball of Genoa, he successively helps players of FIFA 15 coins with two balls and defeats the opponents with 2:1.

Hamouma: It is only a minutes with match opening. Hamouma cross the ball near the baseline on the right to help Gradel score a goal. In the first 20 minutes, Ke Hade intercept the ball in the front court. Hamouma passes the ball to the center court from the left. Van – Wolf push the ball to the net at 11 yards. In the first 65 minutes, Le Moyne passes the ball. And Hamouna cuts the ball and shoots the ball into left corner in the restricted area edge, 2 second attacks + 1 scores.

Schweinsteiger:Schweinsteiger help the team with 2:1 to win the match.

Vidal: In the first match of series A 16 round, Vidal’s cross from the left side is really gorgeous. Carlos Tevez shots the ball successfully! In the first 15 minutes, in the 19 meters from the network, Vidal shoots the ball to the right-buttoned area with exquisite arc.

The best investment player: Pantilimon
He must be the one who involves into TOTW. And his price is quite low now. His capabilities from all kinds of sides are great. It is suitable for the investment. In the following, I will show his price trend on FIFA 15 coins PS/FIFA 15 coins  XBOX One.Wish you good luck!

Everyone want to make FIFA Coins fast

FIFA 15 coins

Everyone wish to accomplish FIFA 15 Coins fast in the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, such as accessible gold packs, buy/sell players. These means charge you accept cool acquaintance for the amateur and acceptable luck, while there are several FIFA 15 tips can abate mistakes and accomplish you win the bold simple to acquire money fast.

1. Application LB, LS to ascendancy your amateur if the adversary amateur to physique analysis him, if throw-in.

2. Do not use RT to bolt the ball, if lobbed through ball.

3. Application LT ascendancy brawl in time if the brawl with bound dispatch and you can not ascendancy it by yourself to catch.

4. Application LT and aback to the adversary amateur to accomplish the brawl from ancillary to ancillary if just alone one closing down (the activity of LT key will not be great), eyewitness the opponent’s defense, affected attempt and absolution LT or use RT dribbling in the adverse administration if the adversary acceleration.

5. Affected shot, authority down X and columnist A quickly, it is a BUG like FIFA 13.

6. Through brawl like Xavi Hernandez Creus, amuse ascendancy amateur and try not running.

7. The a lot of applied accomplishment in adorned abilities is Roulette, aswell will accord the adversary burden even if you can not into the ball.

8. High ambition amount with continued drive in rainy.

9. Application added continued drive if the goalkeeper is Casillas.

10.Control your waist if defending, angle on the accessible casual lanes of the other, authority RB to accomplish teammates avert at already afore the adversary out the ball. (turn off automated substitutions)

11. For goalkeeper, Y is put down the brawl and columnist RB is aces up ball.

12. If you application LT to dribbling slowly, change the administration abrupt and columnist RT, try it.

13. Free bang in backcourt, if the adversary consistently physique abutting the bolt player, how to do? Try to use LT key.

14. Under no mashup situation, it is the best that put larboard CB amateur on the larboard and the appropriate CB amateur on the right, success depends on details.

15. How to do if your ambition bang and opponents bolt the aback and arresting midfielder? If you serve a brawl in the larboard of amends area, amuse cull your angle on the far left, acclaim columnist the continued canyon key. (try to use the accumulation with 4 defenders, the aforementioned cull the far appropriate if in the appropriate of amends area)

Improve FIFA 15 gameplay skills and get new changes

FIFA 15 coins

Whether you’re in FIFA series platforms, such as FIFA 15 coins PS4, and so on, where we always have a lot to learn.If you are Beginner, FIFA 15 gameplay tips can help you. And you are a master, you can give me some advice.

Learn the Basics
Before starting getting a pro, learn the basics in FIFA 15. First off, download FIFA 15 manual. Go through all buttons and basic instructions. Then, try to do the skill mini games. This will help you to get comfortable and familiarised with the buttons as well as skill moves from goalkeeping to attacking. Once you have done these, you can start playing against AI (CPU) or a real player as in a multiplayer game.

I suggest you to start a season or a tournament (single or multiplayer). Starting a season will help you climb up the ladder step by step and become a pro as you promote to higher divisions.

Defending and Attacking
Defending and attacking in FIFA 15 have been changed and are different than in FIFA 14. It is better to lean how to defend before you try to learn on attacking. We have written an article on defending in FIFA 15. As for attacking tips, We also have written an article on attacking in FIFA 15. Read both instructions and go through the points given in them. Those tricks and guide will help you improve your offensive and defensive skills in FIFA 15 effectively.

And, don’t forget to be patient! – which is the key for winning in FIFA 15 matches. As mentioned before, attacking and defending mechanics are changed in this game. There were lots of complains from FIFA fans to EA regarding this (especially regarding the defensive mechanics). EA have improved the gameplay on defending in the latest update for FIFA 15 though.

Get Good at Set Pieces
Set pieces are good opportunity to score goals in real football. Same apples for in FIFA 15 gameplay. Free kicks and corner kicks are good opportunities for you to score goals. So, try to get good at them and learn how to make the most out of them.

Skill Moves
Knowing how to do FIFA 15 skills moves will affect your gameplay in a good way. If you’re new to FIFA 15 skill moves, you can see the tutorial video on FIFA 15 Beginner Skill Moves. For the new skill moves in FIFA 15, watch FIFA 15 New Skill Moves video.
FIFA 15 coins
Diving in FiFa 15

Learn How to Dive
Diving has been one of the most wanted features in FIFA 15 Wishlist last year. Now in FIFA 15 you can dive and draw a foul. This will help you to get your opponent penalised with a free kick or even a penally kick.

Here is how to dive in FIFA 15: To perform diving in FIFA 15, you need to be running on the ball and to to have our opponent’s defender(s) pulling your shirt or your hand. In such a situation, you just need to hit long pass (sliding tackle) button – Take note that it ONLY works when a defender is pulling or pushing you.

Throw in FiFa 15

Throw-in Tips
As long as the offside rule doesn’t apply for throw-in balls, a throw-in can help you to create a scoring situation. In FIFA 15, you are able to move the throw-in receiver by using the RS (Right Stick). To throw the ball to the receiver you need to push the short pass or long pass button – depending on the distance.

Throw-ins near your opponent’s box will give you opportunity to go for a cross or get a corner kick. Or at its best, throw the ball long in to the opponent’s penalty box so your receiver could head the ball directly to the goal.

Through the above steps you will be able to improve your FIFA 15 gameplay skills and get comfy with the new changes of the game.

Be careful of the FIFA 15 Cheaters’s tempt

FIFA 15 coins

FIFA 15 has alone been out for a few weeks now, but cheaters are already harder at plan searching for means to cut to the top. As any FIFA amateur knows, EA’s bread arrangement accept to be acclimated to accomplish purchases in the bold for upgrades, players, skills, and more. Every year, cheaters attending for means to capsize FIFA’s economy. According to the columnist release, gamers should be able to accomplish an absolute amount of bill in theory.

While players may feel tempted by offers such as these, there are several absolutely acceptable affidavit to beacon clear. Firstly, websites like the one mentioned aloft may not be trustworthy. Sites like these are generally cars for bacilli and malware. Secondly, EA Sports has promised harsher punishments for cheaters this year who attack to appoint in bread agriculture or re-selling.

If you are bent purchasing FIFA 15 coins or announcement bread buying, you will be put on a three-strike system. Your aboriginal bang will aftereffect in a admonishing email and a bulletin in game. The additional time you do it, though, you will accept all of your FIFA credibility displace as able-bodied as your FIFA Ultimate Team status. In added words, you will accept to alpha all over again, afterwards the allowances of your baseborn in-game cash. And on your third strike? You will acquire yourself a abiding ban from FIFA Online. And by permanent, they absolutely beggarly permanent. You won’t just be banned from FIFA 15 online, but from all approaching FIFA amateur forever. And if you are bent in fact affairs coins? You will be instantly banned from all EA titles, forever.

Ultimate Team has become something of a miniature abridgement for EA Sports, and they accomplish a solid accumulation off of it every year. In-game bill afterwards all charge to be purchased accurately with absolute money. So it is to be accepted that they will be appealing hardcore about arresting their turf.

But that’s not the alone acumen that measures like this are important. And it’s not the alone acumen that gamers shouldn’t bluff and buy and advertise bill through the atramentous market—or worse, actualize systems to accomplish absolute bill for no amount at all. Hacks like these do absolute accident to the online FIFA abridgement and abuse the acquaintance of added players. Think for a moment what would appear if a amateur exploited a drudge or a bug to accomplish absolute bill in FIFA 15. What would appear is absolute inflation—and aggregate in the absolute bold would al of a sudden become unaffordable. Things like this accept happened in amateur before, and it can be difficult or absurd to displace an online abridgement already they do.

So bethink to do your allotment and play FIFA 15 adequately and responsibly. Purchase your FIFA bill appropriately through EA’s acknowledged system, and adore the bold on the aforementioned agreement as added players!

The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app is so popular


The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app is so accepted by FIFA player and FIFA coins buyer that has apparent added than 10 actor downloads on the Google Play Store and about the aforementioned bulk on the iTunes App Store as well. The app has alone been accessible for a few months as well, so its success is awfully impressive. Unfortunately though, the latest amend to the bold seems to accept fabricated the acquaintance of application it a lot worse.

The issues assume to accept started beforehand this ages if EA appear a new amend to the bold on both the iOS and Android platforms. Since then, users on both platforms haven’t been able to adore a bland gameplay acquaintance like before, and instead accept been adverse assorted analytical issues such as not getting able to affix to the bold server, accepted poor server acknowledgment times, Facebook login issues, and some are even advertisement that the absolute gameplay has worsened somehow and doesn’t feel as agreeable as it already was.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Server Issues FIFA 15 Ultimate Team server problem1 300x168On both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, contempo reviews on the bold assume to be from balked users who adapted the bold and are no best able to adore it like they acclimated to. Here’s one of the added contempo reviews on the Google Play Store (our affliction for the spelling and grammatical errors): “Bugs, hangs while arena , affliction controlls alive automatically Too abounding bugs , tryin to play it but its like too apathetic , my net acceleration is fast still affiliation absent its servers nd all dis being accident afterwards every game”. Yet addition user has this to say: “Poor server makes us delay for a continued time I accept a fast and abiding WIFI affiliation yet i charge to delay 3-4 account to affix the server. The server is absolutely dissapointed for amateur who just wish to play a match. Fix the server or accomplish it offline better. The server is not abiding and accept a lot problems with it”.

what player should be placed in FIFA 15 4~3~3 Formation

FIFA 15 coins

Today, we are traveling to allocution about the FIFA 15 4~3~3(flat) formation, about what amateur should be placed in anniversary position in that formation. I can’t accent abundant the accent of compassionate your FIFA 15 coins  formations. 4-3-3(flat) is accepted because of its abhorrent attributes. It is alarming to any arresting line. So let’s alpha anticipation it.

The striker you accept in this accumulation should accept a low arresting plan amount and should consistently be in advance mode. The striker should accept accomplished branch and cutting ability.

The LW and RW should both accept acceptable clip and dribbling skills, so they can calmly exhausted defenders and bound aboveboard the brawl into the box.

The midfield is area all of the fun happens. The RM and LM should both acquire top advancing and average arresting plan rate. They should aswell accept acceptable clip and dribbling skills.

Your CM will be afterpiece to your arresting line. He should accept a top arresting and a low advancing plan rate. Your CM should acquire the allowance of arresting and passing.

RB and LB accept should accept agnate ancestry and plan rates. They both should accept average advancing and top arresting plan rate. Both should accept superb clip and arresting attributes. Normally, these players get up the angle overlap and abutment the attack. Acceptable backbone allows them to get aback quickly.

LCB will generally run into breach to advice out. Your LCB should accept top arresting and average advancing plan rates. He should accept goo clip arresting to advice on adverse attacks. RCB should accept the allowance of attack and defending. He should not footfall too far abroad from the ambition accumulate therefore. His advancing should be actual low and arresting actual high.

FUT players Cheap and practical introduction

“FIFA 15″ discussed in accessible player, it have to be C Massey and the like, but their amount is not cheap FIFA 15 coins. The afterward Editor to acclaim the thousand or so players are bargain and simple to use, with a look.


Lazio grams of God, although ethics in general, but absolutely simple to use. Heading larboard bottom balanced, Qiangdian acceptable sense, there is a top animation amount and cheaper prices.

Florence, Mario Gomez, able foreground Pa, no band-aid in four crosses beneath the alliance tactics.

Inter Palacio, fast, acceptable dribbling, cutting well, the physique can still, cheap, adverse blazon player


Naples is acerb recommended Kara macro, fast, acceptable dribbling, can canyon to shoot, bargain aggregate is full, feel good! In adverse J Lo, I may not use, acceptable amount but feel poor, apathetic brawl if I anticipation it was Pirlo.


Liverpool Markovic, fast feel good, cheap. Lennon is aswell good, although the top amount but I anticipate it is bigger to use Markovic, but all the thousand or so.

Bayern Sacchi, a adolescent accessible ah, speed, dribbling, touch, adjustable afterwards announcement Ravitch, the amount of your (and alone 2000 or so), the alone attempt ability curtailment may be weak, but fundamental.

Paradis, overlook which team, the Argentine, if the baby Ravitch with it, the alpha of a actual affordable player.


Recommended two Spanish appropriate back, Barcelona’s Montoya and addition one alleged De Marx, are speed-type fullback, acceptable dribbling and can bung in a acreage goal.

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