TOP 3 Crossing Tips for FIFA 15


Early Crosses

Early crosses can be used when your strikers are not yet in the right position. The early cross should be executed right before the streaking player enters the box. This strategy is most effective when your opponent is using a formation that has less back row defenders, which causes wider lanes in their defence.

The main thing with early crosses is the timing while tapping Left Bumper / L1 Trigger. It takes quite a bit of practice because a second too early, or a second too late, may lead to your player being offside or the defenders catching up with you. This tactic is most effective when you have a quick player going against a slow defender.
Buy More Time Before Crossing

You have to be wise when timing your crosses; do not just cross it for any reason. If you don’t see your players making a run, then do not cross the ball. If your attacking player is in the box, then take your time and wait for him to get into position and try to see what exactly the defenders are doing. Learn and become comfortable on the sidelines.

Double Tap

While the cross is in the air, it is important to smash on the shot button twice to get your player airborne for the header. Headers rely heavily on power, so on your last time pressing the shot button try to hold it for at least one second. Be sure to also choose your corner, or else your header will end up in the goalkeeper’s hands.

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